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   By bigspenda73
One thing all great poker players have in common is their hand-reading ability. Being able to narrow down your opponent’s holdings to a specific range, or group of hands, is a big key to becoming a winning poker player. This is where the PokerRanges Tool and Odds Calculator come in. is the home of a new poker tool, which helps players narrow their opponents' possible holdings based on a number of factors. The tool takes into consideration your holdings, the board cards, and any other known dead cards. From there you can calculate your chance of winning against an entire range, not just one hand!

The tool is quite simple to use, the first step is entering your own hand. On the main page select your two hole cards and then choose the “next” option. The tool will then ask you to select the board cards, which will be three (flop), four (flop and turn), or all five board cards (flop, turn, and river). After selecting “next” again you can enter any known dead cards, up to 10. Typically you will not know any dead cards; however, there are times when you might have seen a card flipped up or your opponents tipped their hands while folding.

After finishing with the initial page you will be allowed to construct your opponents’ hand-range. One of the more important options is found at the bottom of the page, “suits matter”. By choosing this option you will be allowed to select/deselect different suits for your opponents’ cards. If you have a hand like AcJd then the tool will automatically not include any hand that could have those two cards (as well as the board/dead cards). You want to make sure and use this option when calculating your chances of winning against a flush draw.

While at the main hand-range screen you should use the check boxes to begin building your opponents’ perspective range. If you feel they might hold any pocket pair (22-AA) then select the bottom right check-box. If you feel they might have 22-JJ but not QQ, KK, or AA then select the bottom-right box and then click the three biggest pairs. This will deselect those hands and not include them in their range. If you feel your opponent will have called you with any Ace, then choosing the box just over the Ace on the bottom line will include all Ax hands, A2-AK. Choosing the left boxes will include all hands with that respective side card. For example, choosing the 6 box will select A6-76. Make sure to note these boxes do not include the pocket pairs; you must select those as well.

Once choosing your opponents’ range click “ok” and you will be taken to the Calculation results page. Some might wonder why this is so important. Well, in poker, we make money when our hand is ahead of our opponents’ range and we lose money when we are behind. We don’t always have hindsight, meaning we’re never 100% sure during the hand what our opponent is holding. By using a tool such as the Poker Ranges calculator you can improve your hand ready ability and better understand how your hand stacks up in common situations.

Using a tool such as this can be great for those new to the game. Having to actively select and deselect hands will speed up the learning curve when it comes to hand-reading. Also, by understand how your hand fares versus a variety of hands, you will be able to navigate these tough spots with ease while playing. For more information feel free to check out the FAQ as well as the examples page on, which goes more in-depth on a specific hand history.

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