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Poker Hands Replayer

Poker Hands Replayer

   By Joe Ewens
Serious online poker players know the value of discussing and analyzing individual hands. Internet forums are cluttered with reams of text recounting specific pots, plays, and beats. As useful as these discussions are, the hands in question are almost always presented in a text format. A long diatribe describing every single action taken by every player in sequence. Online poker is a visual medium, the action is presented in a graphical form that bears little resemblance to the textual lists we see in forum posts. The problem with crafting a graphical hand history is that poker hands have a dynamic element and pictures are necessarily static.

There’s now a solution which combines the temporal properties of a text hand history with an easy to understand pictorial version. The dynamic hand replayer is an automatically generated GIF image that runs through the action in just the way you would see it on your favorite poker client. Using the converter on, you can paste in your hand history file and in a couple of clicks have your very own GIF image.

By utilizing the information from the hand history, will create a GIF that plays out the hand in exactly the way you would expect to see it. Your cards will be shown face up, while the action proceeds around the table. If known, your opponents hands will be flipped up at the end. There are also a number of customization options to perfect your GIF. For example, you can input a specific name for yourself that will display above your stack as the hand plays out. In addition, certain stacks can be emboldened to make it even clearer to the viewer which players are involved in the hand.

To create a GIF you’ll need the raw text hand history from whichever client you use. Obtaining these files differs on a program by program basis, so check the support pages of your client for more info. With the hand in question discovered, paste it into the creation box. You’ll then need to select the forum or blog you want the GIF created for as well as customizing any special options. After that, simply click Create and you’ll be whisked to a webpage with your newly created image and all the code you need to insert it into a website or message board.

Selecting which forum you’d like to the replayer to use is a vital step. This way, you can ensure that the GIF will be created in the correct format and that the output will contain the right forum tags. This is even more key if you decide to uncheck the ‘Create GIF Only’ box. With this option un-ticked you’ll also get a familiar text based outline of the hand. If possible, forum specific symbols for suits and cards will be inserted to give the most effective picture. A wide variety of popular online poker forums are supported, including Flop Turn River, 2 + 2, Pocket Fives, and Full Contact Poker. Non-poker forums such as Something Awful are also catered for, as well as the option to create a generic forum version or a GIF that can be used in a blog or website.

The hand-replayer form automatically detects the hand histories for all supported online poker sites. Each network processes their hands differently, as well as varying their approach from game to game and between ring games and tournaments. For this reason, not every game at every site can be converted, but more and more sites are being added all the time. Ring-game No-Limit Hold ‘em hands are available for every major network, including Poker Stars, Full Tilt, CEREUS, Party Poker, Ongame, iPoker, Cake, and Cryptologic.

Online poker forums are crowded with people asking for tips. Standing out among the throng can be a challenge. Using a GIF is a great way to attract the attention and advice of some of the poker communities more learned posters. The ease and speed with which a viewer can quickly view and asses a hand makes it more likely that you’ll get some meaningful feedback.

Once you’ve converted a large number of hands you’ll begin to see the benefit of registering for an account. By checking the My Account section of the website you’ll find a database of all your previous hand conversions. That way if you want to go back and relive a previous hand or dig out an old GIF you’ll always have the opportunity. Logging in also ensures that your hands are kept private. No one but you will have access to the files, so you can be certain that your hard work isn’t being taken and reused by some unscrupulous poster. It’s also worth noting that the converter automatically hides the screen-names of the players involved in order to preserve privacy.

Here is an example of what you get from

PokerStars No-Limit Hold'em, $2.00 BB (8 handed) - Poker-Stars Replayer from Poker Hands Replayer

MP2 ($200)
CO ($93)
Button ($94)
SB ($449.85)
BB ($132.10)
Hero (UTG) ($200)
UTG+1 ($180)
MP1 ($200)

Preflop: Hero is UTG with A, A
Hero bets $8, 5 folds, SB calls $7, BB calls $6

Flop: ($24) J, 4, Q (3 players)
SB checks, BB checks, Hero bets $18, 1 fold, BB calls $18

Turn: ($60) 7 (2 players)
BB checks, Hero bets $44, BB calls $44

River: ($148) 8 (2 players)
BB bets $62.10 (All-In), Hero calls $62.10

Total pot: $272.20 | Rake: $3

To try out this innovative new way of presenting your hand histories, visit

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