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Pokerbility Odds Calculator

Pokerbility Odds Calculator

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Have you ever found yourself in a position where a cloud of uncertainty taints your every poker decision? Of course, we all have! There are many times where lady luck will deal you a couple of superb hole cards, only to be followed by that much appreciated flop that absolutely cripples your odds. Conversely, hands of such caliber as 7,2 off suit can amount to an unyielding force that must be reckoned with, provided the right flop comes your way! There are also those "teeter totter" hands that can swing either way at any point in the game. It is times like these that bring us back to the very essence of the game, where you must decide if you're playing Hold'em or Fold'em poker! The Pokerbility Odds Calculator is licensed by Lucky Ace.
While it's true, poker is famous for its involvement of risk, a truly intelligent player only takes those risks when they're supposed to. That is to say, when the odds call for a risk to be made! This is where Pokerbility steps up to the plate. Pokerbility is an odds calculator that helps poker players make well informed decicions based on the cards they're holding in their hand and the cards that are shown on the table. This is a fabulous tool for guiding the player out of making decisions based purely on their emotional state.

A - Your cards
B - Community cards
C - Me is the calculated odds to hit a particular hand by the river, River is the list of hands you can hit, Other shows the cards your hand may be matched against.
D - Rank is your hand ranking, in this screen shot you should win this hand 96% of the time. Outs shows the number of cards left in the deck that can improve your hand.

The Pokerbility odds calculator delivers real-time mathematical calculations of your chances of winning a hand and offers suggestions on what to do next based on those very calculations. Accompanying those suggestions is a plethora of information that will help you make a decision for yourself. Included in this additional supportive data, is the number of outs a player has that would possibly aid in their victory, the rank of the hand, the percentage of chance the player has of winning or splitting the pot as opposed to the chances of their adversary, and the percentage of chance of hitting a certain hand. Pokerbility can give you the confidence needed in making a risky decision, or make it clear when you should actually be folding your cards. Pokerbility is normally sold for $100, and is bought by players every day. However, what if I told you that you can get ahold of this great aoftware absolutely free?

By signing up at Lucky Ace Poker through FlopTurnRiver, you will receive a FREE Pokerbility license! This is a $100 value, absolutely free! After you sign up for your account, you will be e-mailed your license within 48 hours. You HAVE to use the links on this page or else you will not qualify. What exactly do you get with the software? Read on to learn more!

Pokerbility is the result of what happens when the game of Texas Hold'em and science are involved in a head on collision. Many people have used inferior odds calculators only to find that its data and advice was only slightly less random than that of a Chinese fortune cookie! Pokerbility truly provides the best outcome possible. What is the secret behind the speed and accuracy of this odds calculator, you ask? The secret is its exclusive patent pending Combi Calc hands odds calculation technology.

There are several techniques companies have previously employed in building their odds calculators, and several reasons why these techniques are inferior. Game simulations is one of the most popular methods. With this method, a computer is forced to play thousands of hands of poker, collecting data from every situation it comes across. Data collected from these game simulations are then used to teach the odds calculator what to do in the situations. Hard coded statistics based on existing data or ranking based on hand histories are a couple of other widely accepted models. Pokerbility decided to employ the best aspects of each method, bringing together a highly intelligent method in which it calculates its odds. This is the type of intelligence that can accelerate the average player to a whole new level!

One of the most interesting factors that makes Pokerbility unique, is it's ability to adapt to the varying poker playing personalities. Very early on, the developers of this software recognized the need for versatility. They realized that there are many different types of poker players. Some play rather loose and aggressively, taking many risks, while others play cautiously with a need to feel safe. With Pokerbility, you're able to adapt the software to suit your specific needs as an individual player. You decide the personal approach you'd like to take, and configure the software to carry out its tasks with that very approach behind every suggestion. You can see a screenshot of the configuration screen above.

No one likes confusing software that takes weeks to learn and understand. One of the most appealing factors of Pokerbility is its ease of use. Software should always be user friendly, and the Pokerbility team has taken this to heart in developing their software. All a user needs to do is load their poker software, load Pokerbility and hit the attach button (associating it with the poker room of choice) and let the software take care of the rest! It will read your hands and adjust its advice according to what cards turn up and your personal preference and style, something everyone can appreciate.

For the poker player who is serious about learning the game and becoming a profitable player, Pokerbility should be at the forefront of their handy tool belt. While random luck and bad beats are unavoidable aspects of the game of Texas Hold'em, Pokerbility will certainly put you in a position to win more often and will definitely help you play your cards right. Use Pokerbility today and watch your paydays grow wild at your very fingertips!

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