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Paddy Power Poker Odds Calculator

Paddy Power Poker Odds Calculator

At one point or another, all poker players have been put in a sticky situation. Should you fold, bet, call, or maybe even push all-in? Maybe the decision wouldn't be so hard if you were able to keep more than just loose mental notes on the playing style of the other players, or knew the odds of your different outs. It would also be nice to know what the other players may be thinking about you. Now you're in luck.
As a FlopTurnRiver reader, you are able to to participate in an exclusive offer from . Absolutely free of charge, you can now get your hands on the best poker odds calculator available! This is a $75 value, just for signing up at Paddy Power through FTR. This tool will instantly improve your game and be able to make the best decision in those sticky situations. The offer won't last forever, so don't hesitate to take advantage of it while you can.

How do you get the free software? Just follow these steps:

Step 1 - Signup at Paddy Poker through the links on this page.
Step 2 - Download the Paddy Power software and create your account.
Step 3 - Download the Paddy Power Odds Calculator software by clicking here.
Step 4 - You will be prompted for an authorization code, enter FTRcalc4u to claim the odds calculator. (See above screenshot).

Paddy Power Poker Odds Calculator

The Paddy Power Odds Calculator works is specially designed to work with their own software and attaches automatically to the game table for you and auto-reads the cards. This way you can concentrate on your game, and not on fumbling around with inputs for the calculator. If you prefer, the auto-attachment option can be disabled. Multi-tabling also poses no stumbling block for this odds calculator. Simply open a new calculator for each table you are playing at. A mini view mode helps to save screen space. And so you don't get your hands confused, a “You Have The Nuts!” alert flashes to show when you have the best possible hand. Unfortunately, Paddy Power does operate on the iPoker network, so United States players will not be able to utilize this amazing tool.

Paddy Power Poker Odds Calculator

Many instantly calculated odds will be at your fingertips when using the Paddy Power Odds Calculator; win odds, pot odds, different outs, and table position to name a few. The odds of you winning your hand, your win odds, is calculated using a mathematical algorithm that considers the hole cards, community cards, and the number of players participating in the hand. Your pot odds is the winnings you would receive if you won the pot against what the cost to stay in the pot is. The number of outs you have is also important to know when determining your next move. The Odds Calculator will show the total number of outs and what those outs are. Table position is determined by dividing the table into three sections based on the button. It will also determine the probability for you and your opponents of hitting a particular hand at showdown, such as a flush or straight. This comes in handy if you are betting on a draw, but you think your opponents may also be. The strength of the hole cards is displayed in two ways. The expected value statistically based on compiled live table data and a group number is displayed based on David Sklansky's strength rating from his book Hold'em Poker for Advanced Players.

One of the coolest features of the Odds Calculator is the way it tracks and stores your opponents stats and then fits them to a player profile. Personal notes can also be made and stored for later reference. This helps you to remember which players have which playing style and easily weed out the fish. It bases this information on several key factors: voluntary put money in pot percentage, pre-flop raise percentage, aggression factor, a percentage of the times the player went to showdown, and the percentage of how often they went to showdown and won.

Paddy Power Poker Odds Calculator

By examining the percentage of games that a player voluntarily puts money it the pot, the odds calculator will categorize them as a tight, neutral, slightly loose, or loose player. The pre-flop raise percentage helps to tell you the range of hands the player raises with. The aggression factor measures post flop betting tendencies as either passive, neutral, or aggressive. By measuring the percentage of times the player goes to showdown and then actually won will categorize the player as solid or overplay, and help you guess what kind of hands the player will play. This information can even be collected when you are sitting out, so by the time you sit down to play you can already have your opponents profiled. And, if you've played the player before, you can look at their profile based on all of the data you have for them, not just that current session.

Your information is also tracked so you know what your opponents may be thinking about you!

For anyone who is serious at improving their game and learning all there is to learn, the Paddy Poker Poker Odds Calculator is a must.

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