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Bankroll Management Spreadsheet

Bankroll management is crucial for success in long term poker. FTR Forum Member, siknd, developed a nice Excel spreadsheet to help with this important requirement. If you haven't already, please read our primer on the basics of Bankroll Management.

You can get an online preview of this tool here.

You can download the Bankroll Management Spreadsheet w/ Example Data here. If you'd like the Bankroll Management Spreadsheet without any sample data, you may download the empty Bankroll Management Spreadsheet here.

The spreadsheet is a free, simple and highly customizable way to track your poker bankroll and playing sessions. It has plenty of sample data.

The version is an empty template that is ready to use.

You will not be playing poker seriously until you begin to record your sessions.

I floundered for about a year breaking all the rules, especially Bankroll Management. Designing this spreadsheet and tracking my sessions was the last piece of the puzzle for me to develop into a winning player. The example stats in these records are real (incomplete, however, as I deleted out my last several months of cash games in order to cover my tracks). I have just recently broken the 10k mark in total earnings.

I hope this can be of assistance to others who are starting out. This record keeping system will not replace software programs such as PT, but it will be a good start if you currently have nothing.

Once you start keeping records, be true to them. Never leave out a session. Have the discipline to record ugly losses. However, dont play to your records. Donít quit when ahead only to book a win on your stats. Play hours, not results.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the setup or personalization of this spreadsheet, please post them in the discussion.


Bankroll Page

-Accounts You are responsible for inputting data in columns C and D only. Ie, when you make a deposit into a site, manually input the new total in column C. When you cash out of a site, add that total in column D. Note that I have customized this to assume all deposits and cashouts are made from and to NETeller, so the changes you make will automatically change the balance in your NETeller acct, as at cell H16. If you donít use NETeller, or fund your site accts from multiple sources, you will need to adjust the formulas.
- You will be required to put a starting balance into NETeller in cell C16. This is assumed to be seed money, which will cause a negative amount to be displayed in Cell K3.
- The flags over the names of the online accounts are where you can store your screennames.
- Cell B16 is hyperlinked to the NETeller website.
- Cell B1 (same for all pages) does not include your paper bankroll.
-Target Goals Customizable by stakes or month. I grey them out when they are met, and bold the current goal. In the example, I am 705$ short of my goal at 1/2 NL of cashing out $500 and reaching a bankroll plateau of 4000$
- Projected annual income Input a goal into N16, others autofill. The formulas for 2007/8 are built in below, simply change font color to white in the new year.
- Bankroll Bar The bar graph is a visual of how your bankroll is split up.
- Earnings Graph The left pie chart is a visual of where your profits come from.
- Time Graph The center pie chart indicates where your time is spent and compares nicely to the chart on the left.
- Site Graph The right pie chart divides time played (cash games only) by site.
- The source data for all pie charts is found by scrolling down. Therefore, if you play at different sites than the 12 I have listed, simply change the formulas as in M45:56, ensuring to use the same moniker when recording sessions on the Cash page.

Cash Page
- Data Bar The summary bar at the top autofills from the raw data inputted by session. It is currently set to read about 10000 sessions.
- ROI is indicated assuming that you always buyin to the game with 100BB.
- Win Rate Graph The left chart is a bar graph that I use to monitor each session within a month. Each month you will need to slide it over to the Ďrightí by right-clicking on the graph, selecting source data/series and telling it which rows you want displayed.
- Earnings Graph The right chart graphs all sessions logged in a macro view. You will need to expand the source data in the same manner as above as you build sessions. The trendline indicates how much you can expect to have won after x sessions.
- Sessions Ensure to enter data with the correct abbreviations or the feeder pages wont read the data. Check the formulas on Bankroll and Summary pages for the correct terms. Ie, if you use Ultimate instead of Ultimate Bet, it wont read. Same for Thu (Thursday). Thurs wont work. The month has to be in this format Feb 06, Mar 07 etc. You enter data for columns B-N and U, the rest are formula based. They should autofill, but you can simply copy-paste from the above session if they dont.
- When entering sessions, ensure not to delete out my first session, ie row 31. Simply replace the data with your own, or else you will lose the formulas. Once your own data is inputted, you can safely delete out all my sessions.
- Data is sortable. Day, date, month/yr, hour, am/pm, site, form, betting structure, number of opps, multitabling, and stakes (stakes are indicated by the size of the big blind for NL or Big Bet for Limit).
- Tab over to the right to record miscellaneous notes.

Tournament/ Live Page
- Same as Cash. The live page mixes tourneys and ring, itís a bit awkward, but it works well enough.

Summary Page
- Everything on this page autofills, except that you have to indicate what stakes you are playing at monthly in column D.
- Make your own definitions for K-M4 (I define shorthanded as five or fewer opponents, and a long session as more than 3.5hrs.
- This page does not include any live stats.
- Formulas for future months/stakes are built in, but whited out. Change font to black to view when you get there.
- All numbers on this page are expressed in big blinds per hour per table. However, the formulas will work for either limit or NL, as the stakes (column M on Cash) reflect the size of the big blind for NL and the big bet for limit.

Questions? Comments? Post here:

Posted by siknd on April 12, 2006 at 00:56

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